Editorial Comment

As we approach the end of this year a number of concerns are left with us to ponder over. A very worrying concern is the global warming which has resulted in climate change and some terrible disasters during the year. Are we doing enough to protect our world? There are some stories in this edition which address the issues of environmental and global concerns Chief among the concerns is the continuing warfare in various parts of the world and the continuing use of weapons which have a devastating effect on the environment. In anger, revenge and defence of sovereignty, demagogues are using tactics, which leaves the enemy territory barren and uninhabitable. What they do not realize is that they are also destroying the world bit by bit so that the future generations too will not have a place they can inhabit.  
In this situation Gandhian ideas become more and more relevant, for, peace and nonviolence are based on conservation, on love and on respect, not on destruction, hatred and recklessness. It is important that we carefully study the speech made by Ms Sonia Gandhi at the United Nations in order to understand the depth of the message Gandhiji has left for humanity.  
To become responsible citizens we need to discard hatred, intolerance and revenge. We struggled for a democratic South Africa where all will be equal and where we can enjoy freedom of thought and expression. Let us exercise these freedoms with dignity and with love.   
Let us remember that we are all South Africans black and white and we belong to this country in equal rights therefore there is now no need to invoke racism, tribalism and intolerance. We need to rise above these narrow boundaries and begin to enjoy our common nationhood.  
Let us together rejoice in our victories and stand by each other in our defeats. Let us as a nation rise to combat crime, vice and all that affects us negatively as a nation. Let us work together so that we can be proud South Africans in 2010, and not be found wanting in any way. Poor yet rich in hospitality, in love and in sharing. Let the spirit of our proudly South African philosophy of Ubuntu be seen and appreciated by the world.