Editorial Comment

Humankind is today standing at the threshold of an important revolution. We either change and begin the revolution towards a more humane responsible and caring nonviolent society, or we bring about our own annihilation through the destructive course that has been charted for us. In this edition of Satyagraha there are numerous references to ways in which we can begin to stand up and be counted. Let not our readers lag behind. 

We are ourselves moving towards a more sustainable life. It is important for us to know whether you feel this newspaper is important for you. Is there news and views in this newspaper which raise those vital issues that concern you? Is this newspaper helping to clarify some of the questions that have bothered you? Is this newspaper helping you to change some of the beliefs that were popular? If your answer to these questions is “yes”, then we can feel satisfied that we are pursuing the right goal. But if your answer is “no”, then we need to re-think our role and strategy. 

In order to make our paper more inclusive of other important views we are also inviting some prominent writers and you the readers to contribute to this paper with short articles on particular ideas and views that you may have. 

We will publish a view that is not similar to ours, but we will not publish an article which is attacking any person, an organization or a party or government. Our focus has always been on the positive side. Give us your views. If you had the power what would you do or suggestions to those who have power as to what you feel they should do. But more importantly some indications of what we can do to change things, you and us. 
Basically therefore we are inviting you to help us identify problems or issues facing communities and then suggesting what we can do to help.
In the last few weeks we have witnessed the revelation of the high rates of crime, we have witnessed the action taken against hawkers and street vendors without licenses, we have witnessed the tension arising because of tribal and ethnic assertions, we have witnessed references on a racial basis of demographics in our educational institutions in our society in businesses and so on, and we have witnessed a major strike action. How do we respond to these crises in our society? Perhaps we need to read Cedric Mason’s fears and responses and maybe we can obtain answers to these questions. But maybe you have some answers. We invite you to share them with us.