International conference on globalization – Gandhian Way

An international conference on 'Globalisation of the Gandhian way: Sociology, Politics and Science of Satyagraha' to mark the centenary of Satyagraha is being organized in India. The conference will be held from 13th to 16 November in New Delhi and 17th to 20th November in Champaran ( Bhithiharava Ashram Museum established by Gandhiji in 1817).

It will be inaugurated by His Holiness the Dalai Lama at the Jawaharlal Nehru University campus and the Delhi programme will close with the valedictory session at Gandhi Peace Foundation. Participants from all over the world are invited to attend. The significance of Satyagraha in the 21st century is relevant to all countries and all nations and therefore they would like participation from as many countries as possible. They hope to come out with a set of books based upon the papers and proceedings of this International meet to mark the centenary of Satyagraha which may prove very timely and useful for the believers in human values like freedom, justice, equality, peace, and fraternity and global cooperation for the making of a humane society beyond wants and wars.

At the moment, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Gandhi Peace Foundation and South Asian Forum for Peoples Initiative have come forward to cooperate in organizing this conference. “We are assured of sufficient financial resources from a variety of academic organizations and we can provide local hospitality.” Say the organizers Prof. Anand Kumar( JNU)/ Surendra Kumar( GPF)/ Sudhindra Bhadauria (SAFPI)  Contact Satyagraha for further details if you are interested in attending this historic conference.