Listeriosis a call to reconsider what we eat

This what Listeriosis look like

The Listeriosis outbreak in South Africa is indeed a cause for concern. The question that faces us today is when will business stop to consider profits against the well being of people. We have often seen incidences of food as being a carrier of ill health. The contaminated milk supply to starving children; the attempts by companies such as Monsanto to monopolise seeds and thereby interfere with the natural nourishment received from food; the plastic content in bottled water and now the poorly processed meat which is likely to have been imported and likely to have been mechanically-recovered poultry product known as ‘white slime’ which is produced from left over remains of meat on the bones ground by high pressure machines.

There may be many other careless processing of meat that could have caused this outbreak. But for us the question is what are safe nourishing food today?

Should we all consider being vegan? Should we go back to cultivating our own food, saving up our own seeds if any uncontaminated seeds are still left? Or perhaps we need to mount up a campaign against the multi nationals who are trampling over our lives to monopolise the food and health market of the world? Where to humanity?