Stories by Parkvale Primary learners – The Girl who never gave up

By Amanda

Lisa lived with her mum on the farm. They were very happy together, nothing to worry about. Suddenly Lisa ’s mother got sick, very sick. She had to go to hospital. The doctor examined her and discovered that she had breast cancer. Lisa was very worried about her mother. At that time she was living with her aunt named Dorra. Aunty Dorra loved Lisa very much. She always cheered Lisa telling her that her mother is going to be okay. Aunty Dorra bought Lisa clothes and always made sure that she was okay.

A month later there was a telephone call from the hospital. They said that they where moving Lisa’s mother to another province in the Western Cape for better treatment. A year later Lisa’s mother died. They buried her peacefully. A month later her uncle came to fetch her to live with him. Lisa and her aunty agreed. So Lisa and her uncle lived in a township called Ntuzuma. Her uncle was very mean and cruel and never kept the promises he told Lisa before she moved in with him. Lisa’s uncle made Lisa do everything in his house. Sometimes she wouldn’t go to school because she was busy washing dishes over and over, cleaning the house, washing her uncle’s clothes and doing ironing.

Her uncle spent most of his time spending money and drinking, smoking dagga and playing at the casino with his friends. Uncle Tom cared less about Lisa. When Lisa went to school she had no shoes or proper uniform. Most of the pupils laughed at her because she did not have any shoes and proper uniform. One friendly girl named S’momo said, “Just ignore them and focus on what you have come here to do.” Lisa smiled and replied “Thank you.” “Anyway I’ve always wanted to ask you, what’s your name?” asked S’momo curiously. “My name is Lisa,” and “Mine is S’momo”. What a strange name thought Lisa. “Well nice to meet you.”

“I heard you are new at school” said S’momo. “Yes I am and the principle is about to kick me out of school” said Lisa. “Well maybe I can help if you can tell me about yourself and where you come from” said S’momo. “No I can’t, besides it is a very long and boring story,” said Lisa nervously. “You can trust me Lisa and I promise you,” said S’momo. “Well if you say so then.”  The bell rang. Everyone ran into their classroom. After school the girls confirmed their conversation.

Lisa said, “I used to stay in a farm called Escort with my mum. We were very happy together and then suddenly my mum got sick, very sick. She had breast cancer. And then they took her to the hospital, for about a month. The hospital moved my mother to another province for better treatment. Well they didn’t find a cure so a year later she died. I was confused, mad and felt alone thinking I will never see my mom again. I tried to deal with it but couldn’t at that time. I was living with aunty named Dorra who took care of me. A week later my uncle fetched me and promised me that he will take care of me but no, he was lying. He treated me like a slave. Sometimes I ask God why he took my mom when he knew this was going to happen and end up like this, I just don’t know!”

“Well everything happens for a reason. Who knows, maybe in the next ten years you’ll be one famous singer and actress. Here is some free advice, always be patient and move on and focus on the present. Remember to believe in yourself no matter what.” S’momo said. “Before I go, I have to tell you a secret but don’t tell it to anyone. I can sing,” Lisa whispered in S’momo ears. “Oh that’s great,” said S’momo. “Thank you very much for your advice,” said Lisa.

Years passed. Lisa finished school a studied singing. She finished college and grew up into a beautiful young woman who got married to a very rich and charming handsome man. She never forgot where she came from and the people who helped her. She became a very famous singer in the world.  She and S’momo remained friends forever. Everyone wanted a piece of her and realized that with passion, patience and believing in yourself nothing can stop you from succeeding. Remember never give up no matter what you believe in because one day you shall succeed!