Stories by Parkvale Primary School Learners – Why the Sea has Waves

By Candice Rungen

There once lived a greedy old giant. His name was Daniel O’ Great 1V. Well he lived in the town of Hammock. The only thing on his mind was his “FOOD”. A greedy old giant indeed he was. How he loved Chicken. It was his passion to eat it.

It was New Years Eve and he spent it welcoming 2006 with a huge barrel of  Fried Chicken. He lived in Hammock Tower. The greatest point in Hammock. One day he had an invitation to join all the rich people of Hammock to go on a ship cruise. He had nothing to do on March 3 so he decided to go.

3 March finally arrived and he used his XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX large tuxedo and size 32 shoes. He hopped into the ship. With his height the ship collapsed. Luckily there weren’t any other passengers for he had arrived early. But it was sad to see his end for he was kind and gentle and could not swim. He was helpless like a mouse in a trap fighting its way out. When he sank he did not die. It was a miracle because he was kind. If only he could swim to the top. He just lay there helpless.

It was hard eating because there were no shops and fish swam away. Hammock was in the epicenter of the earth. So everytime his stomach rumbled and grumbled, the sounds created waves. That’s how we have waves. They splash and crash against rocks. Thanks to Daniel O’ Great 1V, a kind, gentle greedy old giant. Today he still lies there with a rumbling grumbling tummy.