By Jermaine Parmanutha

There was once a little girl called Zinzi. She lived with her grandparents on a farm, because her mum and dad had died in a car accident. She loved all the animals on the farm.

One day Zinzi’s grandparents called Zinzi but she did not come. They found her in her room. She was asleep and with a temperature as high as ever.

They took her to a doctor in the city. He said that she would be deaf and dumb for the rest of her life.
Every Saturday Zinzi’s grandparents took her to a sign-language teacher. They learnt a lot and learnt even more from their relatives. Soon they decided to move to the city because Zinzi had turned six years old, and it was time for her to go to school.

Zinzi’s grandparents were worried about her school work. The teacher said that she should go to a special school. So Zinzi’s grandparents put Zinzi in a special school for deaf and dumb children. Zinzi loved her friends and teachers.

When Zinzi was eighteen years old she wanted to go to university like any other ordinary child. She wanted to learn more and more. Zinzi is now a grown woman. She has a good job and a good house.

She says although she is an adult, she still wants to learn as much as she can while she is still alive. Now she can speak a little and she can even hear a little. Zinzi says she will never forget her grandparents and what they did for her, she says that they were like her “golden parents.”

Zinzi proved that with determination and perseverance any one can do anything.