NAAAS Proceeds to address UNESCO

Dr Lemuel Berry being given a book- The South African Gandhi compiled by the late Prof Fatima Meer – by Ramesh Harricharan

The National Association of African American Studies and affiliates has entered the second stage of preparing the UNESCO nomination document for the Phoenix Settlement. On July 25,2017 a nomination document was submitted to AMAFA Permanent Protection to acquire provincial approval/recognition. This respective document also served as the foundation for the Phoenix Settlement to acquire recognition from SAHRA – South African Heritage Resource Agency. The U.S. nomination committee anticipates approval from both agencies and hopes that Phoenix Settlement will be recognized in the near future. During the same period (July 27th),the nomination committee submitted a second document to the State Party UNESCO Agency. And, was informed on Friday,November 10th that the Phoenix Settlement nomination has been placed on the Tentative list for the Republic of South Africa.

The nomination committee has approached a number of agencies within the Republic of South Africa soliciting involvement and support of the UNESCO nomination. Among the agencies receiving regular communications include,but;is not limited to South Africa Democratic Teachers Union, South African Medical Research Council,National Development Agency and the Department of Arts and Culture.The entire nomination process will involve all sections of the community.

At this time, the nomination committee is conducting research and collecting data for use in preparing the final  document. This stage of the process is expected to be completed in late summer, 2018. In addition to the written document , necessary steps are being implemented to upgrade several facilities located within the settlement and neighboring community. Various local and regional agencies , private corporations ,foundations and other units are being solicited to participate in this phase of the program with a set goal to enhance facilities, enhance service to community, provide detailed documentation on the significance of the Phoenix Settlement and its’ role in South African history, and promote the legacy of Mahatma Gandhi.

There are many areas of support that community and professionals may engage . Such service opportunities will be posted among local and regional organizations, newspapers and other forms of social media.

Questions and/or information associated with the nomination process, personal involvement opportunities,etc. should be directed to Dr. Lemuel Berry, Jr at [email protected]